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Amandla Consulting Group seeks to advance the conversation around the importance of capacity building and inclusion by partnering with key influencers, such as grantmakers, policymakers, and minority-led leaders. By elevating the importance of this topic and articulating actionable ways to address capacity gaps, we hope to help develop a stronger, more vibrant African-American led organizations. We will do this primarily with two intervention styles:


This approach addresses a problem or pain point in a particular capacity which does not require a holistic or broad understanding of the organization’s performance across the board. This approach focuses on a specific issue that can be resolved in the short-term thereby making the organization viable for support and inclusion in the funding cycle of support and beyond. Targeted interventions are by nature limited in scope and resources.


This method is much more comprehensive and seeks to do the following: 1. Understand a potential problem in the context of the organization’s performance in relation to its full range of capacities, and tailor the intervention accordingly; 2. Strengthen the organization as a whole in the context of its stage of development; or 3. Both. Development intervention is typically over longer period of time and would include specific benchmarks, measurable goals and outcomes.




Sustained Change!

Ultimately, capacity building is about giving leaders the skills and resources they need to take their organizations and work to the next level.

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