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Our work

Amandla Consulting Group was created out of our passion and understanding of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We partner with key influencers, such as grantmakers, policymakers, and Black-led organizations to make an impactful change to grant-making.

With our partner grantmakers, we work to build the organizational capacity of their perspective and current grantees.  Our services will ensure that these grantees take on more vital projects, strengthen their roles in the community, and sustain their organizations and projects long after funding resources have expired.

With Foundation support, we provide two intervention strategies: 


This intervention is a short-term engagement that addresses a problem or issue that does not require a systemic analysis of the organization.   The targeted approach is well suited to assist the short-term requirements of organizations that have been affected by COVID.


Our targeted approach focuses on a specific issue that can be resolved in the immediate term thereby making the organization viable for support and inclusion in the funding cycle of support and beyond. Targeted interventions are by nature limited in scope and resources.


This intervention is a  comprehensive approach which will provide the following results:


  1. Understand the issue within the context of the organization’s performance relative to its full range of capabilities.  We will tailor the intervention accordingly.

  2. Engage long-term with specific benchmarks, measurable goals, and outcomes.

  3. Strengthen the organization with the implementation processes, tools, and skills required for long-term viability.

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