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Partner with us to Help Rebuild and Rejuvenate BIPOC Non-Profits Affected by COVID-19!

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted what most people already know: BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) communities have been harder hit and are at a greater disadvantage regarding access to funds and other resources. The linchpin for the minority-led community coming back stronger is to implement measures that are relevant, thoughtful, long-lasting, and effective. Hiring the expertise of those that best understand the community is a critical part of this recovery.

As we move out of the “emergency” initial response phase, and into the “recovery and rebuilding phase,” it is very important to implement measures that are long-lasting, compassionate, appropriate, and relevant. Our approach is structured around three critical phases:

Short Term

1-3 Months

Prioritizing solutions that can directly mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 such as Institutional Assessment and Simple Recommendations. In-depth review of business continuity processes.

Medium Term

3-6 Months

Mitigating the economic fallout through resource generation by identifying viable and innovative collaborations and partnerships that could help bolster mission-centric organizational programming and creativity.

Long Term

6 Months or More

Rebuilding and redesigning by using technology and digital strategies that lend themselves to working remotely, learning remotely, virtual programming, and convening as well as tools that allow nimble adaptation to unforeseen circumstances.

The Amandla Consulting Group is uniquely qualified to help with the rebuilding and recovery process of our most vulnerable communities.  We are a black-owned business and we understand the challenges facing our communities.


Founded by two professional women of color, we are dedicated to helping minority-led non-profit organizations realize their core mission through capacity building and empowerment. We have over 50-years of combined experience in the philanthropic and business community and understand cultural differences and biases that have prevented many minorities and black-led non-profits from thriving and realizing their full potential.

We are ready to partner, contact us today

Thanks for for your interest in Amandla!

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