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In partnership with the giving community, Amandla Consulting Group seeks to work with small-midsized minority-led non-profit organizations to strengthen and build capacity. Our initial focus will be on the African American community in areas that include but are not limited to:


  • Strategic relationships;

  • Program delivery;

  • Evaluation and learning;

  • Resource generation; and

  • Internal operations and management.


The African-American nonprofit sector is vital to building healthy, vibrant and stable communities where both businesses and people can thrive. Across the nation, minority-led nonprofit organizations are working to provide critical services and advance the causes of equality and opportunity for all and in an era of growing needs and shrinking resources, nonprofits are being asked to do more with less. Studies have shown that minority-led organizations, particularly African-American led organizations, have greater difficulty accessing resources to carry out their mission. A key challenge for this sector is building strong, resilient organizations with the staffing, systems, and leadership to sustain successful programs while growing their impact over time.


In building capacity, our goal is to enable these non-profits to carry out their core mission and strengthen their role in their community or to their constituents. 





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